Curriculum is the set of experiences, activities and events, direct or indirect which occur in an environment specially planned to foster children's learning and development. In simple terms, Curriculum is a plan for learning.

Our Early Childhood Curriculum is focussed on these  areas of development:

1. Physical
2. Intellectual
3. Language
4. Creative
5. Personality

We follow KREEDO curriculum, based on Montessori method of learning. Its unique blend of International standards within Indian context makes it acclaimed across many schools both International and Domestic. (www.kreedology.com).

Our Early Childhood Curriculum is related to the child's developmental readiness, interests, questions, style of learning and the cultural context in which the child finds himself. A huge range of non-toxic specially designed educational aids that stimulate their thought processes and imagination, ensures that we have tools to achieve their intellectual development.

The curriculum provides opportunities for the children to make choices and decisions about their work. It also encourages them to help and support any other child who may need help. This kind of mutual giving and taking of help, helps inculcate a sense of social awareness and also helps them become better learners. We also help inculcate, a respect for the environment and our world.

Our group activities include music, drama, puppetry, story-telling and many other activities that allow children to express themselves in different ways and offer opportunities to enhance their social skills.

School Timing

Our research and experience have shown that children have mood swings and engage the first 1-1.5 hrs getting adjusted with the teacher and peers and also slowly settling into the surrounding. Studies show that a 2 hr program will be forcing the child to cut short his interest midway.

Hence, we utilize the mood swings of the child and entice him/her for continuing his activity or interest. We have observed that parents experience a more active, stimulating child, back at home.

Playgroup / Nursery

Current Timing: 9.00am – 12.00pm

  1. Might follow batch system, on need basis in future

Day care (2-10 yrs)

Current Timing: 8.30am – 6.00pm.

Emergency Day Care also available