Day Care

Day care / After school

Day care / After school is an important function of our child care programs.  This is available for both internal and external students. Our experienced teachers have devised an exclusive time-table based on various age groups / sessions of children attending this program.

We ensure that parents and peacefully employed while the children are taken care at our centre, by ensuring that daily life concepts and routines are reinforce in children along with taking care of their physical and mental development through extracurricular activities.

  • Day Care: provides generally 3-5 hours care for children 2 to 12 years old. This program may include tutorials / homework support as required.
  • Tutorials: one-on-one sessions for academic subjects from preschool to grade 5.
  • After-school: Special programs for preschoolers & graders scheduled after class hours (e.g. music, dance, martial arts, outdoor games, indoor games etc.)

Parents need to ensure an extra pair of dress to clean up and change. Also, need to pack Lunch and Snacks for children availing full day care / after school. Alternatively, we’ll provide healthy snacks and drinks based on the request from parents. This is at a nominal extra cost and menu will be provided.

After school children (LKG onwards) would be grouped and the teachers would be monitoring them for home work support before getting into other extracurricular activities for the day.

We will provide avenues for learning music, art, dance, extra-curricular activities based on the interest of the children / parents. They will also, be taken for out-door and indoor games (like carom, chess, ludo etc.) based on the time table outlined by the center. At times, we shall provide them with informative videos (life cycle of a butterfly, panchatantra stories etc.) as required.